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October 09, 2017

Medications and Mothers’ Milk


October 09, 2017

Breastfeeding During Emergencies and Disasters


September 07, 2017

Breastfeeding protected by federal anti-bias law - 11th Circuit

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What is skin-to-skin contact and why is it important?

Skin-to-skin (STS) contact means your baby is laid on his belly directly on your chest right after birth. This gives you and your baby time to get to know each other and it is very calming for your baby. Studies indicate that many important things happen during the first hour, the Golden Hour, after your baby is born. Babies placed STS, when compared with babies who are swaddled or kept in a crib, are calmer, warmer, have better heart rates and blood sugars, and nurse better. Skin-to-skin is something you can do when you get home, to, to calm your baby or to get him to nurse.

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